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Francesca Varsano

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Chemical aspects of the water-splitting thermochemical cycle based on sodium manganese ferrite, Varsano, F., Padella F., Alvani C., Bellusci M., and La Barbera A. , International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Number 16, p.11595-11601, (2012)
Progress in understanding factors governing the sodium manganese ferrite thermochemical cycle, Alvani, C., Bellusci M., La Barbera A., Padella F., Seralessandri L., and Varsano F. , Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, Volume 132, Number 3, p.0310011-0310015, (2010)
Optimized reactants mixture and products hydrolysis in the manganese oxide thermochemical cycle, Varsano, F., Bellusci M., Alvani C., La Barbera A., Padella F., and Seralessandri L. , Proceedings of the ASME 3rd International Conference on Energy Sustainability 2009, ES2009, Volume 2, San Francisco, CA, p.459-463, (2009)
The oxygen-releasing step in the water splitting cycle by MnFe2O4-Na2CO3 system, Seralessandri, L., Bellusci M., Padella F., Santini A., and Varsano F. , International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 34, Number 10, p.4546-4550, (2009)