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Hygrothermal ageing influence on bvi-damaged carbon/epoxy coupons under compression load

TitleHygrothermal ageing influence on bvi-damaged carbon/epoxy coupons under compression load
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsFalaschetti, M.P., Scafè Matteo, Zavatta N., and Troiani E.
KeywordsBarely visible impact damages, carbon, Combined loading compressions, Composite structures, Compressive Strength, Compressive tests, Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), Hygrothermal ageing, Industrial fields, Influence of water, Residual strength, Water absorption

Composite materials usage in several industrial fields is now widespread, and this leads to the necessity of overcoming issues that are still currently open. In the aeronautic industry, this is especially true for Barely Visible Impact Damage (BVID) and humidity uptake issues. BVID is the most insidious kind of impact damage, being rather common and not easily detectable. These, along with the ageing that a composite structure could face during its operative life, could be a cause of fatal failures. In this paper, the influence of water absorption on impacted specimens compressive residual strength was studied. Specimens were impacted using a modified Charpy pendulum. Two different locations were chosen for comparison: Near-Edge (NE) and Central (CI). Accelerated hygrothermal ageing was conducted on impacted and reference nonimpacted coupons, placing them in a water-filled jar at 70◦C. Compressive tests were performed in accordance with the Combined Loading Compression (CLC) test method. A Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) was performed as well. The results showed the influence of hygrothermal ageing, as expected. Nevertheless, the influence of impact location on compressive residual strength is not clearly noticeable in aged specimens, leading to the conclusion that hygrothermal ageing may have a greater effect on composite compressive strength than the analysed BVI damage. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.


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