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Progetto SCRREEN

Solution for Critical Raw Materials -a European Expert Network

Funding type: 
EU Programmes
EU Programme: 
1 November 2016 to 1 May 2019
ENEA role: 
Reference laboratory: 
ENEA Project Leader: 
Giovanni Di Girolamo

Establish an EU Expert Network that covers the whole value chain for present and future critical raw materials. It will build on existing structures and initiatives, as well as international collaborations, and will aim at clustering related EU projects and initiatives. This network will be set up as a permanent forum for policy-makers, industry and society who are interested or are involved in raw materials. It will encourage permanent dialogue between stakeholders and support strategy and policy development, and decision-making.

SCRREEN will look into approaches that ensure the viability and sustainability of the network after the project ends to make it a long-lasting structure.

Analyse pathways and barriers for innovation, and identify the solutions for overcoming these barriers. These should enable technology breakthroughs, substitution options, new resources (primary, secondary, urban mines) etc.

Study the regulatory, policy and economic framework for the development of these technologies; identify related gaps/barriers and limitations; and propose ways to move forward, while looking at end of life issues, especially for waste electrical and electronic equipment or waste batteries.

The objective is to lift barriers and ultimately boost the creation of new markets in Europe, inducing job and wealth creation.Identify the knowledge gained over the last years and ease the access to these data widely and efficiently, beyond the project. SCRREEN will collect and organise all of the data generated in other projects, associations, initiatives etc, and develop a knowledge data portal.

SCRREEN at Raw Materials Week 2019