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A portable sensor system for air pollution monitoring and malodours olfactometric control

TitleA portable sensor system for air pollution monitoring and malodours olfactometric control
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSuriano, Domenico, Rossi R., Alvisi Marco, Cassano Gennaro, Pfister Valerio, Penza Michele, Trizio L., Brattoli M., Amodio M., and De Gennaro G.
JournalLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Volume109 LNEE
ISBN Number9781461409342
KeywordsAir pollution control, Air pollution monitoring, Carbon nanotubes, Chemical sensors, Continuous monitoring, Distributed sensor networks, Gas detectors, In-field, Landfill gas, Malodours, Metal oxides, Microsystems, Mobile nodes, monitoring, Multiparameters, Multisensing, Municipal waste, P-type, Portable sensors, Proof of concept, Sensor networks, Sensor nodes, Solid state gas sensors, Solid-state sensors, Sulfur dioxide, Test panels, Wireless sensor

A portable sensor-system based on solid-state gas sensors has been designed and implemented as proof-of-concept for environmental air-monitoring applications and malodours olfactometric control. Commercial gas sensors (metal-oxides, n-type) and nanotechnology sensors (carbon nanotubes, p-type) are arranged in a configuration of array for multisensing and multiparameter devices. Wireless sensors at low-cost are integrated to implement a portable and mobile node, that can be used as early-detection system in a distributed sensor network. Real-time and continuous monitoring of hazardous air-contaminants (e.g., NO 2, CO, SO 2, BTEX, etc.) has been performed by in-field measurements. Moreover, monitoring of landfill gas generated by fermentation of wastes in a municipal site has been carried out by the portable sensor-system. Also, it was demonstrated that the sensor-system is able to assess the malodours emitted from a municipal waste site and remarkably compared to the olfactometry method based on a trained test panel. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.


cited By 1; Conference of 16th Conference on Italian Association of Sensors and Microsystems, AISEM 2011 ; Conference Date: 7 February 2011 Through 9 February 2011; Conference Code:88105

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