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Synthesis and characterization of amorphous Fe80-xCrxB20 nanoparticles

TitleSynthesis and characterization of amorphous Fe80-xCrxB20 nanoparticles
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsFiorani, D., Romero H., Suber L., Testa A.M., Vittori M., Montone Amelia, Dormann J.L., and Maknani J.
JournalMaterials Science and Engineering A
KeywordsAmorphous alloys, Antiferromagnetic materials, Borohydride concentration, Characterization, Chemical reduction, Composition, Ferromagnetic materials, Iron alloys, Magnetic properties, Magnetization measurements, Morphology, Mossbauer measurements, Nanostructured materials, Paramagnetism, Particle size analysis, Reduction, Structural characterization, Synthesis (chemical)

We report the preparation of amorphous Fe80-xCrxB20 nanoparticles by chemical reduction, their morphological and structural characterization and the study of their magnetic properties by means of Mössbauer and magnetization measurements. The results show that the mean particle size is composition dependent, decreasing with increasing x. The magnetic properties, determined by the chemical composition and by the particle size distribution, change with increasing x from a ferromagnetic character to a state characterized by the coexistence of Fe-Cr-B ferromagnetic particles with a growing fraction of antiferromagnetic (partially oxidized) and paramagnetic (oxidized) particles. © 1995.


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