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Microstructural evolution of plastically deformed metallic mixtures

TitleMicrostructural evolution of plastically deformed metallic mixtures
Publication TypePresentazione a Congresso
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsCardellini, F., Contini V., Mazzone G., Montone Amelia, and M. Antisari Vittori
Conference NameProcessing and Properties of Nanocrystalline Materials
PublisherMinerals, Metals & Materials Soc (TMS)
Conference LocationCleveland, OH, USA
KeywordsAluminum nickel alloys, Chemical reactions, Comminution, Compaction, Controlled compression, Copper iron alloys, Copper zinc alloys, Grain size and shape, Interdiffusion (solids), Mechanical alloying, Metallic mixtures, Metallographic microstructure, Metals, Mixtures, Nanometric grain sizes, Nanostructured materials, Nickel zinc alloys, Plastic deformation, Synthesis (chemical)

Extensive plastic deformation of metallic mixtures (mechanical alloying) leads to the synthesis of a variety of alloy phases with nanometric grain sizes. Good control of the results of alloying requires to understand the factors which influence the reaction path during the process. This paper reports the information obtained for Cu-Zn, Al-Ni, Ni-Zr and Cu-Fe from the microstructural characterization of samples prepared by ball milling and by controlled compression. It has been found that both the driving force for the solid state reactions and the effective interdiffusion coefficients are markedly affected by the plastic deformation and that an important role may be played by the presence of reactive foreign atoms.

Citation KeyCardellini1996177