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Roadmap on thermoelectricity

TitleRoadmap on thermoelectricity
Publication TypeArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsArtini, C., Pennelli G., Graziosi P., Li Z., Neophytou N., Melis C., Colombo L., Isotta E., Lohani K., Scardi P., Castellero A., Baricco M., Palumbo M., Casassa S., Maschio L., Pani M., Latronico G., Mele P., Di Benedetto Francesca, Contento Gaetano, De Riccardis Maria Federica, Fucci Raffaele, Palazzo Barbara, Rizzo Antonella, Demontis V., Prete D., Isram M., Rossella F., Ferrario A., Miozzo A., Boldrini S., Dimaggio E., Franzini M., Galliano S., Barolo C., Mardi S., Reale A., Lorenzi B., Narducci D., Trifiletti V., Milita S., Bellucci A., and Trucchi D.M.
KeywordsElectronic transport, Energy demands, Heat transport, Hybrid materials, Modeling, Pressung, Roadmap, Thermo-Electric materials, Thermoelectric, Thermoelectric devices, Thermoelectric energy conversion, Thermoelectric equipment, Thermoelectric material, Thermoelectricity, Waste heat

The increasing energy demand and the ever more pressing need for clean technologies of energy conversion pose one of the most urgent and complicated issues of our age. Thermoelectricity, namely the direct conversion of waste heat into electricity, is a promising technique based on a long-standing physical phenomenon, which still has not fully developed its potential, mainly due to the low efficiency of the process. In order to improve the thermoelectric performance, a huge effort is being made by physicists, materials scientists and engineers, with the primary aims of better understanding the fundamental issues ruling the improvement of the thermoelectric figure of merit, and finally building the most efficient thermoelectric devices. In this Roadmap an overview is given about the most recent experimental and computational results obtained within the Italian research community on the optimization of composition and morphology of some thermoelectric materials, as well as on the design of thermoelectric and hybrid thermoelectric/photovoltaic devices. © 2023 The Author(s). Published by IOP Publishing Ltd.


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