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Anthropogenic litter in a Mediterranean coastal wetland: A heterogeneous spatial pattern of historical deposition, Battisti, C., Cesarini G., Gallitelli L., Moretti F., and Scalici M. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 201, (2024)
An Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for a Drone-Mounted Ground Probing Radar, Pisa, S., Pastori F., Cicchetti R., Piuzzi E., Testa O., Pittella E., Cicchetti A., D'Atanasio Paolo, and Zambotti A. , Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Volume 123, p.53-61, (2024)
Assessing genotoxic effects of plastic leachates in Drosophila melanogaster, Cappucci, Ugo, Proietti Mirena, Casale Assunta Maria, Schiavo Simona, Chiavarini Salvatore, Accardo Sara, Manzo Sonia, and Piacentini Lucia , Chemosphere, Volume 361, (2024)
Author Correction: A multi-omic Nicotiana benthamiana resource for fundamental research and biotechnology (Nature Plants, (2023), 9, 9, (1558-1571), 10.1038/s41477-023-01489-8), Ranawaka, B., An J., Lorenc M.T., Jung H., Sulli Maria, Aprea Giuseppe, Roden S., Llaca V., Hayashi S., Asadyar L., et al. , Nature Plants, (2024)
Benthic Foraminifera as Proxies of Paleoenvironmental Changes in the Sant’Elia-Foxi Canyon (Gulf of Cagliari, Italy, Western Tyrrhenian Sea), Cristallo, C., Buosi C., Francescangeli F., Bouchet V.M.P., Schirone Antonio, Tamburrino S., and Frontalini F. , Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Volume 12, Number 1, (2024)
Blockchain and industrial symbiosis: a preliminary two-step framework to green circular supply chains, Ventura, V., La Monica Marco, Bortolini M., Cutaia Laura, and Mora C. , International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, (2024)
Characterization and Formation Mechanism of Ag2MoO4 Crystals via Precipitation Method: Influence of Experimental Parameters and Crystal Morphology, Calistri, Sara, Gessi Alessandro, Marghella Giuseppe, Bruni Stefania, and Ubaldini Alberto , Crystals, Volume 14, Number 3, (2024)
Chemiresistive Materials for Alcohol Vapor Sensing at Room Temperature, Laera, Anna Maria, and Penza Michele , Chemosensors, 05/2024, Volume Volume 12 - Issue 5 May 2024, Number 5, p.Chemosensors 2024, 12(5), 78, (2024)
Circular Bioeconomy in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona: Policy Recommendations to Optimize Biowaste Management, Meisterl, K., Sastre S., Puig-Ventosa I., Chifari R., L. Sánchez Martínez, Chochois L., Fiorentino Gabriella, and Zucaro Amalia , Sustainability (Switzerland), Volume 16, Number 3, (2024)
Cloud optical thickness retrievals using a UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer at the Thule High Arctic Atmospheric Observatory (THAAO), Greenland, F. Quaglia, Calì, Meloni Daniela, Muscari G., Becagli S., Di Bernardino A., Di Iorio Tatiana, Pace Giandomenico, Klinger C., Schmidt S., and Di Sarra Alcide , RADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEAN, Volume 2988, Number 1, Thessaloniki, Greece, (2024)
Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach for the Thermal Heat Exchange Investigation of Li-Ion Cells for Automotive Applications, Karaca, C., Baldinelli G., Postrioti L., and Scrucca Flavio , Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 2685, Number 1, (2024)
Comparative genomics provides insights into molecular adaptation to hypermetamorphosis and cantharidin metabolism in blister beetles (Coleoptera: Meloidae), Riccieri, Alessandra, Spagoni Lucrezia, Ming L.I., Franchini Paolo, Rossi Marianna N., Fratini Emiliano, Cervelli Manuela, Bologna Marco A., and Mancini Emiliano , Integrative Zoology, (2024)
Comparing the effects of irradiation with protons or photons on neonatal mouse brain: Apoptosis, oncogenesis and hippocampal alterations, Giovannini, Daniela, Antonelli Francesca, Casciati Arianna, De Angelis C., M. Astorino Denise, Bazzano G., Fratini Emiliano, Ampollini A., Vadrucci M., Cisbani E., et al. , Radiotherapy and Oncology, Volume 195, (2024)
Comparison of satellite-derived with ground-based PAR measurements at Lampedusa island (Central Mediterranean) and the impact of the aerosol optical depth, Meloni, Daniela, Trentmann Jörg, Pfeifroth Uwe, Di Sarra Alcide, and Trisolino P. , RADIATION PROCESSES IN THE ATMOSPHERE AND OCEAN, 2024, Volume 2988, Issue 1, Thessaloniki, Greece, (2024)
Conventional activated sludge vs. photo-sequencing batch reactor for enhanced nitrogen removal in municipal wastewater: Microalgal-bacterial consortium and pathogenic load insights, Clagnan, Elisa, Petrini S., Pioli S., Piergiacomo F., Chowdhury A.A., Brusetti L., and Foladori P. , Bioresource Technology, Volume 401, (2024)
Coping with salinity stress: segmental group 7 chromosome introgressions from halophytic Thinopyrum species greatly enhance tolerance of recipient durum wheat, Tounsi, Sana, Giorgi Debora, Kuzmanović Ljiljana, Jrad Olfa, Farina Anna, Capoccioni Alessandra, Ben Ayed Rayda, Brini Faiçal, and Ceoloni Carla , Frontiers in Plant Science, Volume 15, (2024)
Detection of morphological and eco-physiological traits of ornamental woody species to assess their potential Net O3 uptake, Manzini, Jacopo, Hoshika Yasutomo, Sicard Pierre, De Marco Alessandra, Ferrini Francesco, Pallozzi Emanuele, Neri Luisa, Baraldi Rita, Paoletti Elena, and Moura Barbara Baesso , Environmental Research, Volume 252, (2024)
Development of Ca/K-1144 IBS wires with composite Cu/Ta sheaths, Masi, A., Armenio A.A., Augieri A., Celentano G., Duchenko A., Pompeo N., Rufoloni A., Vannozzi A., and Varsano F. , IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, p.1-5, (2024)
Dynamic Neural Assimilation: a deep learning and data assimilation model for air quality predictions, Tučkus, Nikodemas, D'Elia Ilaria, Chinnici Marta, and Arcucci Rossella , Discover Applied Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 4, (2024)
Dynamical downscaling of CMIP6 scenarios with ENEA-REG: an impact-oriented application for the Med-CORDEX region, Anav, A., Antonelli Marta, Calmanti Sandro, Carillo Adriana, Catalano Franco, Dell'Aquila Alessandro, Iacono Roberto, Marullo S., Napolitano Ernesto, Palma Massimiliano, et al. , Climate Dynamics, (2024)
Effect of Compost from Cardoon Biomass, as Partial Replacement of Peat, on the Production and Quality of Baby Leaf Lettuce, Sicignano, M., Del Piano L., Morra L., Enotrio T., Baiano S., Salluzzo Antonio, Merola A., and Raimo F. , Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Volume 14, Number 6, (2024)
The Effect of Solvent on the Characteristics of FeBTC MOF as a Potential Heterogenous Catalyst Prepared via Green Mechanochemical Process, Yati, Indri, Ridwan Muhammad, Padella Franco, and Pentimalli Marzia , Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, Jun-04-2026, Volume 19, Issue 1, p.118 - 125, (2024)
Effect of Transplanting Time and Nitrogen–Potassium Ratio on Yield, Growth, and Quality of Cauliflower Landrace Gigante di Napoli in Southern Italy, Tallarita, A.V., Cozzolino E., Salluzzo Antonio, Sekara A., Pokluda R., Murariu O.C., Vecchietti L., Del Piano L., Lombardi P., Cuciniello A., et al. , Horticulturae, Volume 10, Number 5, (2024)
Effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) exposure on male fertility: A systematic review of experimental studies on non-human mammals and human sperm in vitro, Cordelli, Eugenia, Ardoino L., Benassi Barbara, Consales Claudia, Eleuteri Patrizia, Marino Carmela, Sciortino M., Villani Paola, Brinkworth M. H., Chen G., et al. , Environment International, Volume 185, (2024)
Electrospun PCL Filtration Membranes Enhanced with an Electrosprayed Lignin Coating to Control Wettability and Anti-Bacterial Properties, Bergamasco, S., Fiaschini N., Hein L.A., Brecciaroli M., Vitali Roberta, Romagnoli M., and Rinaldi A. , Polymers, Volume 16, Number 5, (2024)