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Enhancing Carotenoids’ Efficacy by Using Chitosan-Based Delivery Systems, Verardi, Alessandra, Sangiorgio Paola, Lopresto Catia Giovanna, Casella Patrizia, and Errico Simona , Nutraceuticals, Jan-09-2023, Volume 3, Issue 3, p.451 - 480, (2023)
Environmental, social, and economic implications of critical raw materials’ extraction from residues, Altamura, Paola, Ceruti Francesca, Viglia Silvio, Beylot Antoine, and Cutaia Laura , Mining and Processing Residues: Future's Source of Critical Raw Materials, p.219 – 274, (2023)
Epigenetic-based antioxidant effect of an ethanolic extract of Corylus avellana L. on THLE-2 human primary hepatocytes, Benassi, Barbara, Bacchetta Loretta, and Pacchierotti Francesca , Natural Product Research, Mar-02-2023, p.1 - 7, (2023)
Establishing a Green Energy Transition Process in COVID Times, Cunha, Felipe Barroco Fo, Cappellaro Francesca, Carani Claudia, D’Agosta Gianluca, De Sabbata Piero, Longo Danila, and Nucci Carlo Alberto , Urban Book Series, Volume Part F1104, p.139 – 149, (2023)
The ethanolic extract of Corylus avellana L. drives a microRNA-based cytotoxic effect on HepG2 hepatocarcinoma cells, Pierdomenico, Maria, Bacchetta Loretta, and Benassi Barbara , Natural Product Research, (2023)
Evaluation of carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction ( CO2‑SFE) on carotenoids recovery from red yeast cells, Larocca, Vincenzo, Martino Maria, Trupo Mario, Magarelli Rosaria Alessandra, Spagnoletta Anna, and Ambrico Alfredo , Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, Mar-06-2024, (2023)
Evaluation of the controlled hydrodynamic cavitation as gas mass transfer system for ex-situ biological hydrogen methanation, Giuliano, Antonio, Cellamare C.M., Chiarini L., Tabacchioni Silvia, and Petta Luigi , Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 471, (2023)
E-waste policies and implementation: a global perspective, Castro, F.D., Júnior A.B. Botelho, Bassin J.P., Tenório J., Cutaia Laura, Vaccari M., and Espinosa D. , Waste Management and Resource Recycling in the Developing World, p.271-307, (2023)
Experimental and in silico evaluations of the possible molecular interaction between airborne particulate matter and SARS-CoV-2, Romeo, Alice, Pellegrini Roberto, Gualtieri Maurizio, Benassi Barbara, Santoro Massimo, Iacovelli Federico, Stracquadanio Milena, Falconi Mattia, Marino Carmela, Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Science of The Total Environment, Jan-06-2023, p.165059, (2023)
Exploration of high-throughput data for heat tolerance selection in Capsicum annuum, Fumia, N., Kantar M., Lin Y.-P., Schafleitner R., Lefebvre V., Paran I., Börner A., Díez M.J., Prohens J., Bovy A., et al. , Plant Phenome Journal, Volume 6, Number 1, (2023)
Feasibility as feedstock of the cyanobacterium Chroococcidiopsis sp. 029 cultivated with urine-supplemented moon and mars regolith simulants, Fernandez, B.G., Rothschild L.J., Fagliarone C., Chiavarini Salvatore, and Billi D. , Algal Research, Volume 71, (2023)
Field Performance Evaluation of Air Quality Low-Cost Sensors Deployed in a Near-City Space-Airport, Pfister, Valerio, Prato Mario, and Penza Michele , CSAC 2023 - The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Chemical Sensors and Analytical Chemistry, 09/2023, Volume Eng. Proc. 2023, 48(1), 27, (2023)
A finite element model for the prediction of porosity in autoclave cured composites, A. Sommi, Dei, Buccoliero G., Lionetto F., De Pascalis F., Nacucchi Michele, and Maffezzoli A. , Composites Part B: Engineering, Volume 264, (2023)
First Optimization of Tomato Pomace in Diets for Tenebrio molitor (L.) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), Baldacchino, Ferdinando, Spagnoletta Anna, Lamaj Flutura, Vitale Maria Luisa, and Verrastro Vincenzo , Insects, Jan-11-2023, Volume 14, Issue 11, p.854, (2023)
Flow cytometric analysis and sorting of plant chromosomes, Doležel, Jaroslav, Urbiš Petr, Said Mahmoud, Lucretti Sergio, and Molnár István , Nucleus (India), (2023)
Food Quality and Safety: Advances in Analytical Methods and Applications, Sorbo, A., Zoani Claudia, and Passeri D. , Separations, Volume 10, Number 5, (2023)
From field analysis to nanostructural investigation: A multidisciplinary approach to describe natural occurrence of asbestos in view of hazard assessment, Petriglieri, Jasmine R., Barale Luca, Viti Cecilia, Ballirano Paolo, Belluso Elena, Bruno Maria R., Campopiano Antonella, Cannizzaro Annapaola, Fantauzzi Marzia, Gianchiglia Flaminia, et al. , Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 457, (2023)
Full-Scale Sewage Sludge Reduction Technologies: A Review with a Focus on Energy Consumption, Ferrentino, Roberta, Langone Michela, Fiori Luca, and Andreottola Gianni , Water, Jan-02-2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.615, (2023)
Fully-digital low-frequency lock-in amplifier for photoluminescence measurements, Pollastrone, F., Piccinini M., Pizzoferrato R., Palucci A., and Montereali Maria Rita , Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, (2023)
Generation and physiological characterization of genome-edited Nicotiana benthamiana plants containing zeaxanthin as the only leaf xanthophyll, Sulli, Maria, Dall'Osto Luca, Ferrante Paola, Guardini Zeno, Gomez Rodrigo Lionel, Mini P., Demurtas Olivia Costantina, Aprea Giuseppe, Nicolia Alessandro, Bassi Roberto, et al. , Planta, Volume 258, Number 5, p.93, (2023)
Genome-wide scan for runs of homozygosity in South American Camelids, Pallotti, Stefano, Picciolini Matteo, Antonini Marco, Renieri Carlo, and Napolioni Valerio , BMC Genomics, Volume 24, Number 1, (2023)
A GIS Geomorphologic approach for debris risk assessment: an example in SICILY (ITALY), Baiocchi, Valerio, Falconi Luca, Moretti Lorenzo, Pollino Maurizio, Puglisi Claudio, Righini Gaia, and Vegliante Giulio , The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XLVIII-1-W1-2023, Number 1/W1-2023, p.33-43, (2023)
Glycosaminoglycan dermatan sulfate supplementation decreases diet-induced obesity and metabolic dysfunction in mice, Stojnić, Bojan, Galmés Sebastiá, Serrano Alba, Sulli Maria, Sušak Lana, Seye Ndioba, Palou Andreu, Diretto Gianfranco, M. Bonet Luisa, and Ribot Joan , BioFactors, (2023)
The grapevine metabolite profile of phloem sap is modified by flavescence dorée, Teixeira, A., Noronha H., Frusciante Sarah, Diretto Gianfranco, and Geros H. , Oeno One, Volume 57, Number 1, p.307-320, (2023)
A Graphene Oxide Flexible Sensor for Humidity Detection, Laera, Anna Maria, Cassano Gennaro, Burresi Emiliano, Protopapa Maria Lucia, and Penza Michele , CSAC 2023 - The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Chemical Sensors and Analytical Chemistry, 09/2023, Volume Eng. Proc. 2023, 48(1), 44, (2023)