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Sagnelli, D., Calabrese M., Kaczmarczyk O., Rippa M., Vestri A., Marchesano V., et al. (2021).  Photo-responsivity improvement of photo-mobile polymers actuators based on a novel lcs/azobenzene copolymer and zno nanoparticles network. Nanomaterials. 11,
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Torre, F., Mingazzini C., Mirabile Gattia D., Huminiuc T., Rinaldi A., Polcar T., et al. (2021).  Investigation on the thermodynamic stability of nanocrystalline W-based alloys: A combined theoretical and experimental approach. Materials. 14,
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Saffirio, S., Falco M., Appetecchi G B., Smeacetto F., & Gerbaldi C. (2021).  Li1.4Al0.4Ge0.4Ti1.4(PO4)3 promising NASICON-structured glass-ceramic electrolyte for all-solid-state Li-based batteries: Unravelling the effect of diboron trioxide. Journal of the European Ceramic Society.
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