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EIT Raw Materials RAMSES

Advanced School on Critical Raw Materials Substitution for Energetics and Photonics

EIT Raw Materials RAMSES
Tipo di Finanziamento: 
Programmi dell'Unione Europea
Programma UE: 
da 1 Gennaio 2016 a 31 Dicembre 2016
Ruolo ENEA: 
Laboratorio di riferimento: 
Responsabile di Progetto: 
Giuseppe Nenna

The "Advanced School on Critical Raw Materials Substitution for Energetics and Photonics" (RAMSES) is an initiative supported by EIT Raw Materials. It aims at promoting the diffusion of knowledge on novel material strategies for the substitution or reuse of critical materials in the fields of energy and photonics. The idea of this school originates from the need to provide an ample training opportunity in which technological innovations are presented by experts in view of their environmental, economical, and societal impact. Lectures by materials scientists, engineers, and geologists will be coupled with lessons offered by experts in technological solutions and sustainability as well as from environmental, economical, sociology, and anthropology areas. The summer school will be hosted in the campus of the University of Milano-Bicocca. It will be open to PhD students and young researchers from EIT Raw Materials partners and from non-EIT Raw Materials institutions. The duration of the program is one week (six full days from Monday to Saturday included). The program combines approx. 30 hours of lectures, along with visits to University laboratories, visits to selected industries in Milan, presentation of student activities through poster sessions and two round tables involving the faculty and students. The program also entails interesting social activities.

Attività svolta da ENEA

L'ENEA assicurerà in RAMSES la partecipazione dei propri esperti tra il personale docente e di giovani in addestramento presso i Centri ENEA tra i discenti.