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A detector for radionuclide bronchial scanning, Scafè, R., Pani R., Vincentis G.D., Pisacane F., Pellegrini R., Iurlaro G., Alonge G., Montani L., and Della Sala Dario , Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, Volume 571, Number 1-2 SPEC. ISS., p.442-445, (2007)
Electrical stress degradation of small-grain polysilicon thin-film transistors, Palumbo, Domenico, Masala S., Tassini Paolo, Rubino A., and Della Sala Dario , IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Volume 54, Number 3, p.476-482, (2007)
Fast Scintillation Readout by Multi-Pixel Photon Counting, Scafè, R., Pisacane F., Gabrielli P.G., Alonge G., Della Sala Dario, Salmi M., Salmi R., .Pani R, Salvatori S., Zoccoli F., et al. , AISEM 2007 - XII National Conference on Sensors and Microsystems, (2007)
Gas sensor devices obtained by ink-jet printing of polyaniline suspensions, Loffredo, Fausta, Burrasca G., Quercia L., and Della Sala Dario , Macromolecular Symposia, Volume 247, p.357-363, (2007)
Towards an all polymeric electronic nose: Device fabrication and characterization, electronic control, data analysis, De Girolamo Del Mauro, Anna, Burrasca G., De Vito S., Massera E., Loffredo Fausta, Quercia L., Di Francia G., and Della Sala Dario , TRANSDUCERS and EUROSENSORS '07 - 4th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, Lyon, p.1011-1014, (2007)